Horseleap Vineyard

12065681_1695546704014157_2297896260119663643_nNamed for the owner’s ancestral home in Ireland, Horseleap Vineyard is located above the Tualatin River in Washington County, Oregon. The vineyard is at a elevation of approximately 200 to 300 feet in the North Willamette Valley wine appellation. The vineyard is about 6.75 acres in size and was planted in 2001 and 2002. The majority of the vines are Pinot Noir.

Approximately 2.5 acres are planted in the Dijon 777 clone graphed onto 101-14 root stock. The other 2.5 acres of Pinot Noir are the Pommard clone graphed onto 3309 root stock. Horseleap Vineyard has .5 acres of Pinot Gris vines which are a 146 clone graphed onto 3309 root stock and a 152 clone graphed onto a Reparia Gloire root stock.

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